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Bride Speech: This Banana’s Gone to Heaven

My Bride's Speech was abandoned on the day. I blame it on difficult circumstances leading up to the wedding but maybe I was in some weird alternate universe - or just blissed out. Either way, here's what I would have said if I was up to it...

sunny 26 °C


I can’t believe that we’re actually here today!! Ed and I have been engaged forever, so I never rally imagined this was going to happen. And while I’ve never been one to fantasize about the prospect of getting married – right now I am having my Queen of Sheba moment and loving every minute of it!

large_sue_operahouse2.jpg sue_dad_wa..wntheaisle4.jpgsue_ed_dad_altar4.jpgsue_ed_dad_altar5.jpgsue_dad_kiss_altar.jpgsue_ed_altar_lightened16.jpgsue_ed_altar_lightened_13.jpg


Ed and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary one year ago this week. I was in Sydney and he was in London. I put on some lipstick and dialed up Skype. Minutes into the conversation he suggested we get married on this day in 12 months’ time and within a few months, Ed was home. At last!! It is because of his decision that we are here today, It must have been the lipstick. We wanted to make this statement, in front of our friends and family, so here we are.

I met Ed in Sydney – Sydney Uni to be exact. We chose this stunning venue because of the billion dollar views and because the thought of getting married on top of one of the most stunning vistas in the world was exciting - and made us feel really grown up! The joyride that is our life goes up and down like a crayzee roller coaster and just keeps getting better.

It's like we said in the Vows though, it hasn’t been an easy ride and the fact that we've gone through so much: moving countries, visa nightmares, living apart, homesickness, financial challenges, family pressures, job instability, power struggles and the big one – deportment (just your average relationship then!) and have come up smiling every time meant that we have had something very special.

Right from the beginning Ed showed me that it’s OK to follow your heart. As a work obsessed career nut in the job that-ate-my-brain, I had missed that memo. Letting go of the safety rails, and turning my back on My Fabulous Life to follow Ed to the other side of the world was terrifying at first... and then I started to get it! Not everyone gets the chance to have a whole new beginning but I did. And I had the time of my life.

So many times during our travels I have looked at Ed – and that beeyootiful face – and wondered how on earth we found each other. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him – standing head and shoulders above the crowd, so stall and regal, dressed head to toe in black - that face, that hair. Something inside me said, you need to quit messing around and talk to that man. So I did!

Most people here today know that we met at a You Am I gig and we never looked back. Thanks Tim Rogers! Ever since music has been the backbone of our eleven year history. It was Ratcat though that was always Ed’s favorite – hence why I organized Simon Day to play a medley of Ratcat tunes tonight. It is my surprise wedding gift to my husband (and that's a secret that was hellishly hard to keep!)

large_489265642219AC68179F6A71A35913D8.png Simon Day serenading Sue & Ed

Ed is an optimist, that’s one of the things I love about him most. He doesn’t do depression and he always sees the bright side. I remember that sad day at Heathrow where he was waiting when I flew in. We'd not seen each other for months and months and then there was that unfortunate misunderstanding with the Visa Police who gave me 48-hours to turn around and fly right back home, Ed comforted me through my tears by saying, “don’t be sad; I’ve got tickets to the Mel Brooks stage-show of the Producers tonight! so you won't miss that!”

Ed is also the chief organizer and a Very Good Boy Scout as I discovered way back when we went on a picnic to a remote area in the Blue Mountains, and he packed, amongst other things, the phone number of the local police station! He’s also very calm in a crisis. When the crap hits the fan, he is unfazed.

He’s also the world’s biggest romantic. He doesn’t have to try. He just is. Whenever I got homesick when we lived in the UK, he would try to alleviate it by tempting me with irresistible treats: “Let’s go to the Greek Islands” or “How about Morocco!”Fancy Madonna in Paris?” It blows my mind when I think of the incredible experiences we’ve had. Ed knows how to woo a girl. He’s been doing it from day one and he’s never let up. He told me once that he was looking for someone to make the centre of his life – and he found me. I think I knew the deal when he turned up for our second date with a bunch of my favorite fuscia colored flowers and a bottle of chilled white wine. Swoon. Also when he thanked my mum in a birthday card for having me. Aw!

Eds’ mild manner hides unshakeable determination and a backbone of steel. He is also incredibly, and often frustratingly stubborn – but then so am I, especially when it comes to ‘us’. We value our relationship more than anything and we don’t plan to mess it with it. Once the air clears after a fight, and there are many, it’s business as usual. More often than not we end up laughing at ourselves. Ed knows how to make me laugh, and as us girls know – that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

Ed knows how to empathize as well. He was always considerate of how much I missed my parents while we were away, and he put his money where his mouth was, funding my yearly trips back home. There were still tough and lonely times in London but I’ll always remember waking up next to Ed and looking into his gentle face and those loving eyes and knowing instinctively that I was in the right place – with the right person. There’s no way I would have survived living in the UK for 7 years otherwise.

When I think of Ed I think of Fun. Ed knows how to party like no tomorrow. He is happiest when he’s entertaining. Towards the end of our time in UK he morphed into a real social butterfly who was nicknamed Teflon Man because of his ability to party all night (with the occasional snooze) and go straight into work the next day.
Ed puts the ‘ed’ in Hedonist. But he’s also extremely responsible, hard-working and committed – so much so that we’re here today. He supports me in all of my career endeavors and encourages my creativity, happily providing the necessary tools and occasional I.T support – hey, I didn’t marry an I.T genius for nothing!! I couldn't have asked for more loyalty, happiness, commitment, love and most importantly good times from my guy. He is my biggest fan.

He is also as our good friend Joly once said, so much more than the sum of his parts.


Ed is from good stock. Born Edward Fang-Peng Lee in Malaysia to Chinese parents Elizabeth and Paul, he was raised in Australia. He has more integrity and self-respect in his little finger than anyone I know. This is a man who couldn’t lie to save himself. With Ed what you see really is what you get. In getting to know his family over the years, I can see where he gets it comes from….

Ed is close to both his brothers: younger bro Shawn who absolutely threw himself into the role of Best Man with gusto and did an amazing job. And middle brother Eric helped us behind the scenes in more ways than anyone can know. Seeing Ed reunited with Eric after such a long break means the world, not just to Ed, but to all the family.


Ed's parents have shown the kind of strengths that only the most loving parents are capable of. Ed’s lovely mum Elizabeth did an utterly amazing job of raising three boys in a foreign country – and she did them proud. The strength and single-minded focus that allowed her boys the the best start in life possible is truly inspirational. Her extreme knowledge of health and nutrition helped them cope through many a childhood illness.

Ed’s dad, Paul has experienced a lot, both in life and business and has come out of it a very wise man. Since he’s been through it all himself, he can see the challenges and obstacles that Ed and I face. Because we’re close, he is able to counsel us very frankly. We all need some help and guidance from time to time and Pa has been there to offer it. I’m still in awe at the fascinating history of the new family I’ve inherited.

sue_smum_and_dad.jpg E097D6482219AC6817D613F59E36BC2E.jpg sue_ed_mum_dad2_.jpgwayne_joe_ed_2jpg.jpg08A67DEE2219AC6817BC3034F3BAA783.jpg Joe_Ed.jpg sue_smum_and_dad2.jpg sue_wayne2.jpgSueEdWithOstlers.jpg SueEdWithOstlers2.jpg

My own family are all here today waving the Ostler flag. My brothers Wayne and Michael - Wayne is my only little bro and my favorite little bro and we lurved his reading of Your My Best Friend!! We're glad Michael made the trip down from Qld since he was our star witness for the marriage certificate and we couldn't have got married without him!

sue_dad_wa..wntheaisle3.jpg TeaCeremonysue_smum_dad5.jpg

Likewise my dad who I was proud to have walk me down the aisle today! My parents Lorraine and Max have been my No. 1 supporters throughout my life, always giving me the freedom to do whatever I’ve wanted to do and supporting me in whatever endeavors I’ve taken – whether they were sound or not! From a very early age I believed that I could be whoever I wanted – and that’s never changed. I have never felt pressured or compromised by them, nor have I ever felt that I’ve let them down in anyway. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Their response to the way I live my life has always been met with humor and supported by unconditional love – and that is what I plan to pass on to the most important people in my life.

That’s where you come into it. We have guests here today from all over the world – Hawaii, UK, Hong Kong and Malaysia, as well as from all over Australia – and to all of you we want to say thank you so much for making the trip.

Firstly today could not have happened if it wasn’t for my best friend and Maid of Honor, Lisa Dee. Lisa has been on a single-handed mission for the longest time to have me here today, smiling, relaxed – without having a break-down! Right from the start it was her who took a hand in everything, from making sure I looked my absolute best, to negotiating the best deal from the venue. She is hands down been my number one support: counseling, nursing, soothing and listening to me through every drama and every meltdown – and believe me there have been a few! She is the best friend that any bride could wish for. Thank-you Lisa. I love you!


I want to send big hugs also to the awesome King and Queen of Hawaii, Christie & Ralph who we met whilst on a trip through Vietnam a few years ago. We’ve stayed great friends since - the fact that they are here today is evidence of that. They’ve always called us ‘The freakin’ Aussies’, and today these ‘freakin’ Aussies’ are loving their Hawaiian travel buddies like crazy right now! It’s when we look at couples like these two funsters who travel the world and work hard and play and create dreamlike home environments wherever they go – that we see our future. This beautiful couple are our bright shining role models. If we can be anywhere near as happy as them in the coming years, then we’ll have every reason to smile!

A big shout out also to our dear friend Anita who was there right from the start - long before I was. Her friendship with Ed has endured many years and crossed continents. Anita moved to the UK just before Ed and was a great and constant support during our time there – she even helped him pick the engagement ring!! She was also there for me. The fact that she has traveled all the way from London to here to be with us today means the world to us. Anita you’ve been through so much with us and we miss you heaps while we’re here in Sydney. We hope that our friendship endures until we are old and grey. Let’s toast our glasses to Anita!

Sue with the Sticklands

Sue with the Sticklands

A special shout out to the Sticklands for making the trip - and Robyn the Flower-Power Diva for saving the day!!

Wayne and Joe for their role as Ushers
Sue_Betty.jpg KarenAndGraeme4.jpg
Karen, Graeme and Betty MacKenzie - it's wonderful to have you in our lives....

To Peter and Helen for making the trip despite their hectic lifestyles - we really appreciate it!


My cuz Sinead for her AWESOME Irish Dance - she looked amazing!

flowergirls_13.jpgKaren and Domenic proud parents of the world's most beeyootifull flower girls!

Karen and Domenic proud parents of the world's most beeyootifull flower girls!

flowergirl..he_ceremony.jpg Sue, Lisa and the flower girls [img=http://photos.travellerspoint.com/579590/08A78C152219AC68170BC053A2A73435.jpg

Sue, Lisa and the flower girls [img=http://photos.travellerspoint.com/579590/08A78C152219AC68170BC053A2A73435.jpg

Daniella for her beautiful reading of True Colors by Cyndi Lauper

The Groomsmen for looking so hot


And Lexi - because you rock!!

Wedding Guest Roll Call

It goes without saying that each of you were invited here today for a reason - all of which is documented on the Picture Boards made by Ed – if you missed your personal message on the night, here it is!

Jasmine Table
Jenny, Jessica and Mr T

Jenny, Jessica and Mr T

Jessica Adams: Sue first met Jessica at her publisher's Xmas party back in 2003. While everyone else was sipping glasses of champagne daintily, they grabbed a bottle and shared it between them, drinking straight from the bottle! Afterward they went to see You Am I at the Metro. It was one of those magical nights, especially after knowing of Jessica as the editor of On The Street and being a fan of her massive body of work – books, columns and articles, Sue was honored to finally meet her. Staying friends for the next decade was the icing on the cake!

Jenny Valentish was introduced to Sue by Jessica in London and the two were inseparable until Jenny left to move to Sydney and Sue was so sad. Later on Jenny moved to Melbourne to become queen of the magazines and Sue moved back to Sydney. Even though they're in different cities, they still get too see each other heaps. A happy ending. Jenny and Jessica both helped keep Sue sane during a tough time in the UK and she is very glad to have you both in her life.

Rosie on the dancefloor

Rosie on the dancefloor

Rosie Beaton first met back at one of the Rolling Stone parties and they've stayed firm friends all these years. Rosie has always championed Sue's work as an author back in the day when Sue was a regular on her radio show. If you recognize the name it's because Rosie was Triple J's best loved host and announcer. She still is! But these days she is more likely to be seen on TV making people laugh which she did for me when I was having a pre-wedding melt-down!! Thanks for the Frangipani's Rosie!!

Nelly Phelan and Sue became firm friends whilst doing business - Sue in Sydney at Rolling Stone and Nelly at Levi's HQ in Melbourne. Since they've holidayed together in Berlin, rendezvoused in London, Melbourne and Sydney and love nothing more catching up over a delicious dinner and having a laugh together!

David Mills, better known as Davod, is Sue’s mate from Studio Magazines where he worked on Blue. Now he’s the editor of Sydney’s excellent Wentworth Courier and he gets invited to the Lord Mayor’s Sydney Harbour New Year Eve parties annually – jealous? No!! Famous for his snake hips tonight he has requested the 'single's table since his partner Barry is away working in Dubai. Once he hits the dance-floor, you won't get him off it!

Daniella Ortega and Sue first met at a Sydney Pollack seminar over a decade ago and just clicked. Shortly after Daniella met Gary Doust who was quite obviously smitten with her; what he didn't know, but Sue knew, was that Daniella was also smitten with him. Sue left them to it and pretty soon they were an item. Now they're the proud parents of gorgeous Jack. Sue sadly missed their wedding back in October 2009, but she's thrilled to have them here today!

How hot do these two look?? Ange Cecco has been a friend of Sue's for a long time and is famous for her Elvis-esque moves on the dance-floor. Watch out for her and her partner Mel on the dance floor tonight!
Hibiscus Table

Daz, Jules, Wayne and Mr T

Daz, Jules, Wayne and Mr T

Daz Gover worked with Sue at Rolling Stone for several years. He was a fun super talented guy then, and he's a fun guy, super talented guy now. It was great meeting up with him after 7 years. He also has the most beautiful daughter, Aki!

Rosie, Penny and Rachel

Rosie, Penny and Rachel

Rachel Pirie is Sue's friend from her Rolling Stone days where they shared many laughs - and just as many secrets, over the years. Rachel recently moved in with her ace boyfriend Jules who we're happy to have here today!

Penny Koutras first came and worked with Sue at Beat Mag circa 1997-98 and then George joined the team as well. Later Penny came to work with Sue at Next Media. Penny since as become a mum but they've continued to party together in Sydney, London - and hopefully someday soon in Greece!!

Joe & Ali Ferrara: Sue & Ed were lucky enough to go to Joe and Ali's wedding a few years back. They hope their wedding is as much fun!!

Lotus Passion-Flower Table
Andy Pape first met Ed at Glastonbury where they partied hard! Throughout the years they had good times at fancy dress events like ClownCon, PirateCon and SantaCon. Whether it was dressing up, partying hard or just hanging out, Andy was one of Ed's best London friends. He lives with his gorgeous girlfriend Zoe in London.

Aloha Christie and Ralph!

Aloha Christie and Ralph!

Christie and Ralph Eggers have come all the way from Hawaii to be here! We met them whilst travelling around Vietnam and just kept bumping into them. They called us, "The freakin' Aussies!'

Anita Carroll was there at Club 77 the first night we met! That makes her very special. She's been a great friend to us over the years in London and we're thrilled that she's here with us tonight. Cheers Anita!

Richard Sappe is Ed's London based Swiss born mate.A real jet-setter, he flies around the world constantly and we're thrilled he made the big trip to be here today. Cheers to Richard for coming up with the Honeymoon Registry suggestion – that worked a treat!!!

Jols and Iggy

Jols and Iggy

Joly Braime first met Sue and Ed 'the old chap' in London. He was looking for a place to live and we offered him the spare room in our flat. Soon he and Ed became great drinking mates and the friendship endured way beyond the job. We spent great times with Joly's family up in Leeds, and especially loved the White Xmas dinner back in 2009. Iggy is his gorgeous partner and also from the UK (even though she looks like she could be from Bondi Beach!)

Anita and Tash

Anita and Tash

Tash Mahabir met Ed & Sue in London. She is a fun-loving easy going girl with a real enthusiasm for life that is infectious. She has recently moved to Hong Kong where she's working and living and having a ball. Hopefully we will be there to see her in the New Year.

Jane, Jocke and Mr T

Jane, Jocke and Mr T

Jane Pender was a student of Sue's whilst in London and happily, she met Jocke - having moved back across the globe they now live back on the sunny beaches of Sydney. After Jane got her man, Jane and Sue became firm friends. Sue finds Jane, who is an absolute superwoman, extremely inspirational. Oh and did I mention she’s swum the British Chanel?!

Bamboo Orchid Table
Karen and Domenic are long times friends of Ed’s family and today their gorgeous and sweet daughters Isabella and Antonella stole the show in their role as flower girls – beautiful!!

Mother of the Groom, Elizabeth as in Queen Elizabeth, is very proud to be here today and very happy to have Ed home again!! We value the generous donation Elizabeth made to the African Orphanage on behalf of us as our wedding gift.

Shawn is Ed's youngest bro and best man. Although they seem quite different at first, they are truly brothers at heart as you can tell if you spend some time with them together. Shawn married his long-term love Margaret a couple of short months ago at a lovely ceremony at the Chinese Gardens.

Rockdogs and party animals Jared and Lexi came to stay with us in London and both of them were legends and who have turned into great friends. We'll always have a soft spot for Glasto - 2009 where Jared came with us and saw the great Blur reunion! Good times dude!!
Lexi is a total legend, there’s just no other way to say it. She was an invaluable help leading up to the wedding, helping out and weaving her magic wand over the decorations and flowers and all sorts of things. Her school teacher personality helped keep Sue calm when things were getting out of control! Good thing she caught the Bridal Bouquet - and it wasn't even rigged!!

Lychee Flower Table
Alison has been working for Dad's company Property Enterprises for twenty-odd years, and they're lucky to have her; she is one of the most reliable and dependable people you will meet. Her husband Derek and kids, Carmen and Chloe are her No 1 fans!

UncleAunties.jpg Richard_Andy_Iggy.jpgEd_dad_family2.jpg Ed_Aunts_Uncle2.jpg
Aunty Chua is from Kuching, Malaysia. She was so amazing and helpful, running us around Kuching to get all our wedding decorations and gifts. She also showed us a beautiful Buddhist Water Ceremony.

Aunty and Uncle Mui Seng travelled in from Malaysia and Aunty Mui Seng was one of the flower ninjas! Whenever we visit they are always enthusiastic about taking us to the best eating places in Kuching!

Julian works at Property Enterprise and is regularly spotted around Pitt Street Sydney where he works in real-estate. He has some great tips on loads of properties if you're in the market

Uncle and Aunty Koo share and look after Ed's Dad's business, Property Enterprises. They are a reassuring and kindly presence who are always on hand to help if anything goes wrong, which these days seems quite often!

Father of the Groom, ‘Pa’, Paul Lee lives in Malaysia most of the time and has been an invaluable support to Sue and Ed right throughout their relationship and most especially leading up to the Big Day.

Stargazer Lily Table
Mother of the Bride, Lorraine and Father of the Bride, Max are Sue's Mum and Dad: they grew up in Melbourne and when the kids were old enough to go to Uni, they went for a trip around Australia and stopped on the Gold Coast. Needless to say they never came back! Sue loves having that Queensland base to visit so no complaints there. They really are the best parents in the world, never pressuring and never interfering – but always supportive.
Michael is Sue's eldest brother. She followed him around a lot as they grew up and together they had a lot of great times in the ‘group’ with regular holidays to the coast of N.S.W and Victoria. Michael works and lives in Queensland and this is the first time he’s travelled to Sydney to visit. Happy days!

Sinead and Peter

Sinead and Peter

Peter is Sue's Uncle and proud dad of Patrick, Brian and Sinead.

Helen and Sinead

Helen and Sinead

Helen is their fantastic mum. Sue was lucky enough to go to their Melbourne wedding many years ago, and has loved watching their 3 fantastic kids grown into dynamic young adults ever since. Sinead who has grown into a stunning young woman performed her awesome ‘Irish Dance’ for our wedding guests and the crowd loved it. Thanks Sinead, you’re a superstar!!

Joe and Wayne

Joe and Wayne

Wayne is Sue's only little bro and favorite little bro! He has the patience of a saint and he’s a very good listener. He also doesn’t take any crap from his big sis! He's here today with his long term partner Joe in their very special capacity as Groomsman. We’re so happy to see this couple endure the same tough challenges that we have had with Visa nightmares. It takes a lot to overcome obstacles like thse, but these two have done it and come up smiling!!

Carol, Gary and Robin

Carol, Gary and Robin

Gary is Sue's cousin and Robyn is his awesome wife. It was Robyn came to Sue’s rescue on the day of the wedding and waved her magic wand over the floral arrangements. It turns out she’s a natural!! Together they have two amazing adult children, Julian and Tessa.

Max, John and Wayne

Max, John and Wayne

John Stickland is Sue's uncle and widower of Joy, Sue's Aunt and her dad's sister. John recently sold the family home in Melbourne and is now looking to relocate to sunny Queensland where he will be near the Ostlers! He’s had a trying time whilst here in Sydney in and out of hospital the past few days and we wish him well.

Karen and Graeme

Karen and Graeme

Karen is Sue's long lost cousin, the daughter of Sue's dad late brother John. What makes her special is that we didn't know my dad had a brother until this lovely lady made it her life's mission to find my dad! After years of searching, they found my dad up on the Gold Coast and find out that he was adopted and meet his blood brother John. We're so grateful to Karen for making the effort and are over the moon that she could be here with her gorgeous partner Graeme and her mum Betty today!
Aunt Betty is Sue's dad sister-in-law, and wife of her Dad's late brother John. Betty came into our lives only a couple of years ago thanks to Karen, see above, and it has been a pleasure to meet this lovely lady!

Carol is Sue's cousin and the proud mum of two gorgeous kids - Dankia her daughter is her spitting image! Carol left her hubby Gavin home today to tend to their Victorian orchid, on this, the busiest time of the season. We're glad she could make it!

Bird of Paradise Table
James and Ed go way, way back. Ed was even there on the night he met his wife Deb at the infamous 'Shark Hotel.' Now they are proud parents of two irascible boys, Luke and William.

Deb is James' wonderful husband and has been a great support to Sue since she first met Ed. Deb is the kind of woman whose kind and generous hospitality always makes you feel as though you are part of the family. Thanks Deb, we love you guys!
Anatole, Poker Shark and all around legend, Anatole was a Sydney Taxi Driver who came and picked us up very late one night, after a Club 77 on one of our very first dates. Sue was pretty impressed with Ed when he made a quick call and within minutes, Anatole appeared like magic! Ed says, “I owe you one mate!”

Brett is Ed's mate, they go back a long way - to the first year of university in the early 90s, where they had a lot of fun and games, particularly in Ed's misspent youth of over-indulging in online games and chat. Brett's internet moniker was "DMouse", later shorted to just "Mouse". He is still, as ever, a lovable loon.

Dylan and Sine, Deb and James

Dylan and Sine, Deb and James

Dylan is Ed's mate from Uni. He came to visit us a few times in London before getting married in Bangkok to the beautiful Sine. Sadly we couldn't make their wedding, but we're thrilled they made ours!! Sine is also an pretty damn impressive cook and we’ve enjoyed a sensational meal over at theirs. Sometime we’ll return the favour – truly!

Rich Stockins met Ed in the early-mid 90s due to a number of shared interests, not the least of which was a love of the Aussie band RatCat, who were massive at the time, and for whom Richard maintained the official fan website. He met his wonderful wife Jen in 2002, the very same year that Sue and Ed met for the first time.

Frangipani Bridal Table
Lisa is Sue's best friend. They go back a long way when Sue hired Lisa as a photographer at Beat Magazine. She just popped in without an appointment, but worked her charm on Sue who hired her instantly. Some twenty years later, and they're still the best of friends. Lisa is Sue's Maid of Honor - but so much more. Without her constant support, patience and butt-kicking, Sue and Ed could not have produced such a wonderful day!

Eric is Ed's middle brother. They spent a great deal of time together growing up, even before Shawn was around. More so than anyone else, Ed is overjoyed to have Eric back in his life in Sydney again.
Eric_Ed.jpg 540712_101..420032073_n.jpg

Mr T and lots of friends

Mr T and lots of friends

Mr. T has been with us since we moved to London. Bought at a local market for the princely sum of £20 - he's been a totally wild party animal every since.

Andy and Mr T

Andy and Mr T

sue_ed_gar.._shangriLa2.jpgAfter the ceremony

After the ceremony

Sinead with Iggy

Sinead with Iggy

Eric on the dancefloor

Eric on the dancefloor

the reception

the reception

Andy and Joly

Andy and Joly

Reception Exit Arch

Reception Exit Arch

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance


The Happy Bride!

The Happy Bride!

Ed_carryin..r_threshold.jpgEd carries Sue over the threshold - and the....

It's been a really long day!

It's been a really long day!

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